Выпуск №30
July (2021)
“Bulletin of Science and Research Center “Stroitelstvo” is a peer-reviewed Science and Research Journal published four times a year.
Since 1932 TSNIISK named after V.A. Koucherenko had published the Collection of papers “Research on the Theory of Structures” edited by I.M. Rabinovich and then by B.G. Korenev and others. In 1987, the release of the Collection was ceased due to the reforms in Russia. The publication of this edition was resumed in 2009. The first issue was published under the title of “Bulletin of TSNIISK named after V.A. Koucherenko “Research on the Theory of Structures”. In 2010, the Bulletin was renamed as “Bulletin of Science and Research Center “Stroitelstvo”. The second issue was published under this title.
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  • Founded in 1932
  • Indexed in RSCI, CrossRef
  • More than 500 scientific articles
  • More than 200 authors

In the last decade of April, 2021, the Scientific publication “Bulletin of Science and Research Center “Stroitelstvo” , No 2(29) – Geotechnics and underground space. The number contains articles on current problems and prospects of geotechnics and underground construction, directly related to the solution of practical problems. The publication may be recommended to scientists, engineers, lectures and Ph.D candidates.
Обложка №29.jpgFounded in 1932
Founder: JSC “Science and Research Center “Stroitelstvo”
Frequency: four times a year
ISSN: 2224-9494
Subscription Index in the Post of Russia Incorporated catalogue “Press of Russia”: 36569
Indexed in Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), CrossRef
Enabled from 03.10.2019. in the list of Higher Certification Panel in the following scientific specialties:
   2.1.1 - Building structures, buildings and structures;
   2.1.2 - Foundations and foundations, underground structures;
   2.1.5 - Construction materials and products.
Editor-in-Chief: A.I. Zvezdov
Format: 70*100, soft cover
tel: +7(495) 602-00-70, 1014 / 1002
  • Research on the Theory of Structures
  • Geotechnic and Underground Construction
  • Reinforced concrete Structures
  • Construction Regulations
  • Building design
  • Seismic Stability of Structures
  • Design and Scientific and Research Developments
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The “Bulletin” has subscribers in Russia and other CIS countries as well as in some foreign countries.

The publication is designed for a wide range of specialists interested in problems and achievements in the modern construction science: scientists, engineers-designers, lectures and Ph.D candidates.

Publishing invites authors to publish scientific articles.

Articles are accepted in the next issue (19), which will be released in October 2018.

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