Authors Guidelines

Dear Colleagues!

The editorial board of the “Bulletin of Science and Research Center “Stroitelstvo” appreciates your articles and papers submitted for publication earlier.

We invite you to further mutually beneficial co-operation.

If you have papers and articles corresponding to the topics of the Bulletin and you would like to have them published, we kindly ask you to send your manuscripts to the editorial board. The corresponding address is shown below.

Use any convenient way to contact the Editorial Office:
8 495 602-00-70 ext. 1014/1002


The Bulletin of Stroitelstvo Research Center only accepts for publication original academic papers that suit the subject of the journal and have not been previously published in other print editions. 

If you wish to publish your paper in the BULLETIN, please submit the following details to the editorial office at

1. Title the article (in Russian and in English).

2. UDC.

3. Information on the author in Russian and in English:

3.1. Author’s full name

3.2. Academic degree, academic rank, position, place and address of work/place of study

3.3. Author’s email and contact phone number

Information on the author in Russian and English: i.e., the full first name, patronymic, and last name; exact place of work or study for each author; work address or address of educational institution; email addresses to be published in the journal and for sending the proofs (indicate separately those for publication and those for the editorial office, if applicable), authors’ telephone numbers so we can settle any questions regarding your papers.

4. Abstract (in Russian and in English): 150-200 words.

5. Keywords (in Russian and in English): 5-10 words or word combinations.

6. Introduction.

7. Main Section.

8. Conclusion.

9. References

List of works cited or used, preferably including at least 20 sources, in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5-2008 Bibliographic Reference.

The Reference list should include mainly references to relevant academic research papers by Russian and foreign experts, primarily articles published over the past five years in peer-reviewed scientific periodicals indexed in RSCI, Web of Science, or Scopus.

You should not refer to textbooks and study aids, popular science literature (unless they are not the object of your research), and synopses or thesis papers (if they are not in public domain on the Internet). A full description of GOST, SNiP, resolutions, etc. must be given directly in your paper with the first mention. Next time, indicate only the document number.

Avoid unreasonable self-citations, i.e., too many references to your own papers published in various journals. Self-citing should not exceed 20%.

10. Article Review. A reviewer must have an academic degree and, preferably, an academic rank in the field relevant to the topic of the paper.

11. Figures and tables should be labeled.

12. Figures should be submitted in separate files with the following formats: eps, ai, cdr, jpeg, tiff.

Vector graphics (e.g., diagrams or charts)

CorelDRAW (.cdr) not older than  version 12. All fonts should be converted to curves.

Raster images (photos)

TIFF (JPG or GIF) with a resolution of at least 300 dpi (color images should be in CMYK mode) and a physical size of at least 10 cm on the smaller side.

13. Articles with formulas should be duplicated in a PDF file in addition to a Word file to avoid formula miswriting.

14. A paper should have 10-12 pages with 12-point Arial font with 1.5 times single spacing (32 lines per page).

15. The number of authors (co-authors) should be not more than four. Where justified, there can be more authors; however, co-authors are required to additionally provide their justifications and describe the content/amount of work performed by each of them.


on Reviewing Academic Papers
for Publication
in the Bulletin of Stroitelstvo Research Center



1. General

2. Review Procedure

3. Review Timeframes

4. Review Board

1. General

1.1. Publication of academic research papers in the scientific digest “Bulletin of Stroitelstvo Research Center” (the Digest) involves mandatory review of manuscripts submitted by authors.

1.2. These Regulations set forth the method and procedure for reviewing authors’ original papers submitted to the editorial office, review timeframes, and requirements to the review board.

2. Review Procedure

2.1. The review board will only review the manuscripts submitted to the Digest editorial office which were written in strict accordance with the manuscript submission terms and procedure.

2.2. Once a paper has been found appropriate in respect to the Digest subject, it will be sent to a reviewer on behalf of the editorial group/editor-in-chief without the name(s) of its author(s). The reviewer will be notified that the documents he/she received are the private property of the authors and contain information, which cannot be disclosed. The reviewer cannot make any copies and transfer the documents he/she received to any third party.

2.3. The reviewer will review the paper upon receipt of the manuscript.

A review can be made in a free form; it shall contain a detailed analytical survey, a reasoned evaluation of the scientific (theoretical, methodical and conceptual) level of the paper, the degree of novelty and practical significance of the author’s results and the degree of their contribution to the development of scientific ideas in the relevant field of knowledge, a general list and analysis of all the weaknesses found, state that it is not plagiarized and make a general conclusion on whether the paper should be published or rejected and improved.

The review shall be signed by the original signature of the reviewer.

2.4. If the opinion of the reviewer is favorable, the manuscript will be returned to the editorial office for publication in an issue of the Digest.

2.5. If the review contains major criticism and concludes on the need to improve the paper, the manuscript will be returned to the author for correction. A revised version of the paper can be sent for re-review.

In the event of repeated negative review, the manuscript will be rejected and cannot be reviewed in the future.

2.6. If a manuscript is negatively evaluated, the Digest editorial office will send

to its author(s) a motivated refusal, including the attached reviews without the name(s) of the reviewer(s).

2.7. Reviewing is confidential:

a) a manuscript will be sent to the reviewer without the author’s name;

b) the review will be sent to the author without the reviewer’s name.

2.8. Reviews and suggestions for each paper will be kept at the Digest editorial office for 5 years from the date of the issue in which the paper under review was published. Upon request, the editors may send copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

3. Review Timeframes

3.1. A manuscript will be sent for review after it is received in the Digest editorial office.

3.2. The reviewer shall review the paper for not longer than 10 business days upon receipt of the manuscript. If the reviewer needs more time for review, the above timeframes can be extended at the request of the reviewer, but for not more than 5 business days.

3.3. If the reviewer fails to submit his/her review to the Digest editorial office within the time period stipulated in these Regulations, the paper will be sent to another reviewer at the discretion of the editorial office.

4. Review Board

4.1. The reviewers are members of the Digest Editorial Board and other individuals, being Doctors or Candidates of Sciences, whose scientific specialization corresponds to the subject of the manuscript.