Founded in 1932
Founder: JSC “Science and Research Center “Stroitelstvo”
Frequency: four times a year
ISSN: 2224-9494
Subscription Index in the Post of Russia Incorporated catalogue “Press of Russia”: 36569
Indexed in Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), CrossRef
DOI: https://doi.org/10.37538/2224-9494 
Enabled from 03.10.2019. in the list of Higher Certification Panel in the following scientific specialties:
  05.23.01 - Building structures, buildings and structures;
  05.23.02 - Foundations and foundations, underground structures;
  05.23.05 - Construction materials and products.
Format: 70*100, soft cover
Editor-in-Chief: A.I. Zvezdov


Since 1932 TSNIISK named after V.A. Koucherenko had been publishing the Collection of papers “Research on the Theory of Structures” edited by I.M. Rabinovich and then by B.G. Korenev and others. In 1987, the release of the Collection was ceased due to the reforms in Russia. The publication of this edition was resumed in 2009. The first issue was published under the title of “Bulletin of TSNIISK named after V.A. Kucherenko “Research on the Theory of Structures”. In 2010 the Science and Research Center “Stroitelstvo” was founded. The Center united such well-known institutes as TSNIISK named after V.A. Koucherenko, NIIGB named after A.A. Gvozdev and NIIOSP named after N.M. Gersevanov, and the Bulletin was renamed as “Bulletin of Science and Research Center “Stroytelstvo”. Therefore, the second issue was published under this title.

The Bulletin publishes the results of theoretical and experimental research on building material, structures, buildings and foundations under static and dynamic loading.

The appearance of various software and powerful computers induced the necessity for choosing adequate software package suitable for solving specific tasks.

Under the growing man-induced impact on the environment, the safe operation of structures has become a problem of great importance especially for designing long-span and high-rise buildings and structures. To assess the safety of such facilities, their resistance to progressive collapse must be calculated.

Designing with allowance for creeping, shrinkage, temperature effects, dynamic and seismic effects considering non-linear (geometric, structural, physical) factors and damage accumulation is essentially important.

The Research and Scientific Center “Stroitelstvo” holds regular meetings of Research and Engineering Board, arranges scientific conferences and meetings in order to work out the strategy of up-to-date development of construction field. Serious work is being done to train a new generation of scientists and specialists.

The Bulletin is intended to contribute to all of this.

The Editorial Board offers

The Bulletin is a journal of high scientific level, releasing on coated paper and with soft cover. The Bulletin is certificated by the State registration system and is indexed in the Russian Science Citation Index system. It possesses ISSN number.

The Editorial Board offers mutually beneficial cooperation to authors, companies, enterprises and associations:

  • Publication of articles;
  • Placement of ads and announcements;
  • Placement of multicolored inserts.
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